Welcome to Periapt Advisory

Welcome to Periapt Advisory

Periapt Advisory is a wholly independent advisory whose principal is Adelaide’s only member of the Independent Financial Advisers Association of Australia (IFAAA).
Who we are

Periapt Advisory is an independent advisory charging fixed rates for professional financial advice. We are not aligned with any institutions and pass all commissions on to you, the client. We really do sit on your side of the table.

What we do

We help you make the right choices with your money, in ways that align with your goals and values. We can help with all aspects of your life affecting, or affected by, your finances, so that you are free to enjoy your life knowing you have taken the right steps to secure your future.

Let us help you

Please contact us, so we can talk about your situation and whether professional, paid financial advice is appropriate for your situation. It may be that your query can be answered through a government service at no cost to you. Therefore we offer a no-obligation telephone chat to scope out the service you require.